Friday, 27 November 2015

Calve pindakaas (peanut butter): yummy spread and now in stock.

Dutch children grow up with Calve Peanut Butter

Calve peanut butter

And this delicious peanut butter that contains no added sugar,
doesn’t just taste great, it’s packed with healthy nutrients including protein, fibers and vitamins E and B.

With a massive 85% peanuts for better taste
No added sugars, good source of nutrition 

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Sinterklaas goodies have arrived

It is that time of the year again:
ALL Sinterklaas goodies are in !
As always we'll have everything for you need for the Sinterklaas celebrations.

What do we have in our online shop?

Chocolate letters come in Milk, Dark, and White.
* Belga mega bag filled with sweets and sinterklaas items
* Marsepein rookworst, loafs, potatoes and fruit

* Roomboter amandelstaven (Christmas almond logs)

* DIY mix for Taai Taai

* Koopmans Oliebollen, Appel beignets and Speculaas mix

* Kruidnoten (different brands and sizes) and Strooigoed

* Frisian pepernoten* Oud-Hollandse pepernoten (anise flavoured)
* Taai taai dolls and large single doll
* Speculaas in all shapes and sizes: filled, slabs and more

* Schuttelaar Suikergoed and Sint schuimpjes

* Chocolate covered kruidnoten: mixed, dark, milk and 

* Markant almond speculaas, large pack with 400 gram

* Speculaas planken (molds) in different sizes

* Speculaas spices

Chocolade letters