Thursday, 9 August 2012

New stock arrived today

A large shipment came in again today, check this out:

New items in stock:
*Conimex Kroepoek Naturel and Satay sauce
*Remia Mustard snack sauce and Fritesssauce
*HAK Endive with cream (Roomandijvie)
*Heinz Sandwichspread
*Roosvicee fruit syrup Original
*Beautiful Holland Birthday calender
*AH Knackebrod  and Perla Filter coffee 250 Gram
*More Zwitsal products
Back by popular demand:
*Wokkels and AH Paprika Ribbelchips
*100% Butter syrupwaffles
*Parodontax toothpaste
*Coffeepads for Senseo in 5 flavours:
  (Regular, Decaf, Mild, Dark and Extra Dark)
*Remia Bakken en Braden (liquid butter)
*AH Semolina pack 500 Gram
*Red Band Zure staafjes and Hoestmelange
*AH Bramenjam (Blackberry jam)

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