Thursday, 31 January 2013

New products in stock

We have some great new products added to our shop:

* DDDDD Tea and Kitchen towels in new designs and colors
* 2013 Calanders Holland edition
* van Melle Advocaat (eggnog flavour) toffee
* Rolls new: Mentos Mojito
* Atlanta pancake mixes in Dutch design box.
* Albert Heijn Partysticks "Hot"
* Autodrop in different flavours
* Purol products and Uierzalf
* Conimex products: Sambal Badjak and Oelek, Noodles, Boemboe's....
* Duo Penotti spread
* van Melle Drop toffees (licorice toffee)
* De Ruijter Mini sprinkles (pack with 8 assorted)
* Albert Heijn Mix for Macaroni/Spaghetti
* Fortuin Salmiakpastilles, bag 200 Gram
* Matthijs Matroesjka's (bag with duo licorice/winegums)

Check out on the website.
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